Please read before installing Emacs+ for E4

At this update-site is the alpha version of Emacs+ for the E4 release (Juno and above) of Eclipse.  No warranty is expressed or implied.

Known issues:

  • Enabling child bindings (of which Emacs+ is one) is even more fragile in Juno than in non-e4 releases of Eclipse. Once you enable Emacs+ you may encounter spurious key conflict popups from the Eclipse framework.  The following incantation should remove the issue:

    • Re-enter Preferences -> General -> Keys
    • Change the binding scheme to default
    • Select the Restore Defaults button
    • Exit Preferences
    • Re-enter Preferences -> General -> Keys
    • Re-enable the scheme Emacs+ Scheme

    • On subsequent workbench restarts you may need to repeat this incantation if you encounter the key conflict popups [in my experience it may take several workbench restarts before the key bindings 'stick']

    A bug for this has been filed with Eclipse, and appears fixed in Kepler.  

  • The C-X 2 family of commands is not available at this time

  • The forcing of digit-argument interpretation does not work completely at this time

  • The vagaries of Keyboard macros under Juno (e4) have not been fully explored

  • Due to a regression in the Eclipse platform, Keyboard macros are unavailable in Kepler (a defect has been filed).