Key Binding Issues

is a child scheme of the Eclipse supplied Emacs scheme

Due to currently unresolved issues in Eclipse with child key binding schemes (for example see: Eclipse bug 226842, Eclipse bug 232956 and Eclipse bug 258434), it is possible that you may experience apparent loss of key binding information when installing Emacs+.  To ensure the ability to recover from this, if you have modified any of the Default or Emacs key bindings, it is recommended that before installing Emacs+ you first export your key binding changes to an Eclipse preference file.
  1. To export: File->Export->Preferences->Keys Preferences 
  2. To import: The resulting .epf file can be imported with:  File->Import->Preferences
To recover from an apparent loss of Emacs/Emacs+ key bindings:
  1. Open the Keys Preference page (Window->Preferences ... General->Keys)
  2. Select the Default key binding
  3. Select OK
  4. Re-open the Keys Preference page
  5. Select Restore Defaults
  6. Select the Emacs+ Scheme key binding
  7. Select OK
  8. Now, import any .epf files you exported earlier