My productivity just went way, way up. Thank you! This is great!

Posted on 30/05/2010
By Patrick Winston

Life changing

Both Emacs and Eclipse are fantastic productivity multipliers. Emacs+ X Eclipse is a no-compromise, certifiable winner. When I stumbled across Emacs+, my heartbeat soared. Life is good.

Posted on 19/03/2010
By Chris Grebeldinger

Finally free

Thanks Mark, this plugin is awesome.
I can finally enjoy the delights of a modern IDE without fighting muscle memory! I feel about 90% at home with the plugin.

Posted on 12/02/2010
By Evan

Great Plugin

Hi All,

I was first a lisp programmer (can we say this now :-)) and must have emacs. This is a great addition to the tool set and is a slick integration into eclipse. A solid set of commands makes life easy for those of us who just don't have the time (or desire) to learn another set of bindings. Our focus is on products and patients - people. We don't want to think about key bindings or our IDE - thank you Mark for making all of our lives better.

Many thanks!

Evan Charles Smith, MD, MS
Director of Science and Technology
Daedalus Software, Inc.

Posted on 21/01/2010
By Brian Hunter

A great plugin and a responsive developer

It may not replicate everything that emacs can do, but it gets you pretty close. Not only that, but I requested a fairly complex feature and it was done in a day. That's flat out amazing.

Posted on 14/09/2010
By Douglas Alan

Emacs+ makes Eclipse usable

I've been using and *loving* Emacs since the dawn of time and the key bindings and functionality of Emacs are hard-wired into my fingers and brain by now. Before Emacs+ came along, I found Eclipse to be a complete bear to use, as years of muscle memory and knowing how to get things done without even thinking about it, were not only useless in Eclipse, but in fact detrimental.

Emacs+ has fixed all of this for me. Now using Eclipse is nearly as seamless as using Emacs, plus I get all the features of a modern IDE. It's practically the best of all worlds. The only thing I still really miss from Emacs is M-q filling of "//" comments.

I should also point out that this is far more than a simple set of key-bindings. It faithfully reproduces a lot of subtle Emacs behavior that you take for granted, until it's not there.

Posted on 17/12/2009
By zhang sen
Posted on 15/12/2009
By Alfred Nathaniel

A must for Emacs-trained Eclipse users

If your fingers are bent towards Emacs keybinding, this is really a must-have. For example, it handles ^S ^W which I missed painfully in the standard Eclipse Emacs binding.

Posted on 14/12/2009
By Reid Rivenburgh

Great for emacs users

I had a problem with my key bindings, but a reinstall of Emacs+ seems to have straightened that out. Now it works great, and I don't think my old, emacs-trained fingers could ever go back!

Posted on 13/12/2009
By zhang sen

Can a visual effect similar to `transient-mark-mode` be added?

Thank you very very much for your help to the "select balanced expression":) Now it is like boosted with nitrogen when editing in Eclipse.

Posted on 13/12/2009
By John Russell

Truly shines on the mac

I agree with everything everyone said, but I have to say that the emacs integration truly sings on the mac because of the use of command instead of ctrl for most of the standard eclipse functions. I had avoided emacsy keybindings before because they would sometimes clobber other useful eclipse keybinding functions. But since emacs stuff on the mac uses ctrl, almost all other keybindings are left untouched.

This plugin is light years better than just the standard emacs keybindings that come with eclipse due to the buffer management, splitting of buffers with keybindings etc.

This changed how I use eclipse. Truly well done.

Posted on 11/12/2009

Posted on 09/12/2009

My feedback on Emacs+

I've been using Eclipse for quite a few years, but I've been using Emacs for much, much longer. Although I long ago concluded that most of my source code development would be done in Eclipse, I still find Emacs an invaluable tool for its text manipulation features. When I first discovered the Emacs+ plugin for Eclipse, I knew this would be an important tool for me. I tend to prefer the Eclipse key bindings, but I integrate specific Emacs+ bindings and also declare my own. This tool helps me get things done more efficiently than if I had to rely on Eclipse alone.

Posted on 10/12/2009
By Nick Cross

Fantastic addition

I have been following the progress of this project since its inception. As well as implementing more sophisticated key bindings to replicate Emacs, the extra functionality added are a benefit to anyone (for instance search enhancements with history, better split window behaviour etc).

A superb addition making Eclipse much easier to use.

Posted on 09/12/2009
By Andreas Paepcke

Emacs+: A Crucial Addition to the Eclipse IDE

I've been using Emacs for decades. The resulting muscle memory in my fingers is an enormous productivity factor in coding, or any kind of writing. The very limited standard 'sort-of-Emacs' bindings in the default Eclipse installation did not work for me. For serious work I actually typed code in Gnu Emacs, and copy/pasted to Eclipse. Painful, and of course a loss of all the nice Eclipse completion facilities.

Emacs+ was very, very close to what I needed when I first stumbled across it a couple of versions ago. The plugin was missing the families of register, and rectangle commands. Registers in particular make life significantly better for coding. I put in a request for these features to the Emacs+ author, and it's all there now. I can no longer distinguish between working in Gnu Emacs and in an Eclipse buffer. This enhancement felt like releasing the hand brake of a car in labored motion. I can now fully focus on the code.

To me: the best plugin among the combined set of Eclipse and Firefox add-ons.

Andreas Paepcke