• Restore isearch functionaliy after IntelliJ's backward incompatible changes in IDEA 15
  • Add back-to-indentation M-m
  • Add delete-indentation M-^ (and C-u M-^)

  • Support multiple carets in comment commands
  • Support additional movement commands on C-x b
  • Add comment-indent-next-line C-M-j
  • If in a tool window on C-x o, return to editor window
  • Fix isearch-history regression
  • Begin future proofing to support IDEA 15 EAP
  • Add Emacs style forward/backward-word M-f and M-b
  • Add comment-dwim M-;, comment-killC-u M-;, comment-next-line M-n and comment-previous-lineM-p for Psi language files
  • Rebind Comment With Line Comment to C-c C-c
  • Refine some miscellaneous rebindings
  • Provide Emacs+ keymaps for de, es and fr keyboard layouts
  • Enhance C-x C-b to respond to more keystrokes (e.g. C-g, C-n, C-p) and use Recent Files for searches
  • Support basic movement bindings on some, but not all, tool windows
  • Support C-g on some, but not all, tool windows and dialogs
  • Add missing binding for execute action, M-x, in Emacs+ keymap
  • Add diff group binding: C-c C-e
  • Add convenience binding: C-SHIFT-S for Show Usages
  • If in a tool window on C-x 1, maximize it
  • If in a tool window on C-x 0, hide it
  • Fix minor issue with reverse search and C-g in search
  • Fix/workaround some issues with isearch/replace when a selection is present
  • Always remove sticky selection on C-g in editor
  • Add correct bindings for next-error and goto-line
  • Initial release